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Here you will find the answers to frequently posed questions.


As motor oil any commercial multi-grade oil (SAE 20 W 50) may be used.
Instead of oil-grease mixtures for the transmission (Konsul, OSL), a transmission oil SAE 140 should be used.

Ignition malfunction when engine is hot

If bikes with a built-in ignition coil (Max, Lux) have a complete ignition failure, then a new coil must be installed. We have new ignition coils available for many motorcycles.

Unstable operation in neutral gear

If it is no longer possible to throttle the idling speed enough, the problem is often a worn-out throttle slide. New throttle slides are available for many carburetors (AMAL, GRAETZIN and BING).

Information on the development of NSU motorcycles ( a typology)

can be found in Beitraege zur Entwicklungsgeschichte der NSU-Motorraeder – "Contributions on the History of the Development of NSU Motorcycles," by Dipl. Ing. Peter Schoenhaar.